Position: Remote Data Center Technician

Department: Technical Operations

Location: Marbletown, NY

Job Code: 03-08-06-Atl

Primary objectives:

As a Senior Remote Data Center Technician you will be responsible for maintaining and upgrading the computer in Big J ISP's new remote data center. The Remote Data Center Technician must be be a self-starter and able to operate semi-autonomously without any on-site supervision.

Responsibilities and Essential Duties:

  • Power cycling the computer and related communications equipment when necessary


  • At least a PhD. level degree or equivalent related experience
  • Must have 5 years plus experience repairing burst 1/2" rigid copper tubing. Experience with PVC tubing is not applicable.
  • Must be results oriented and self motivated
  • Must have the ability to multi-task
  • Must pass C4 security clearance screening
  • Must have the ability to work independently
  • Must have a cell phone and a 4 wheel drive vehicle
  • Must be drug and disease free
  • Must be a loner


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