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This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.


How do I access my Big J ISP email account though Outlook/Eudora ?

Big J ISP has POP3, IMAIL, and SMTP server that you can use to access your email account. When you add a new account in your email client, it will ask you for your servers. Use "" for both the inbound (or POP3) and outbound (or SMTP) servers, where is the name of your domain. When asked for your username, use your full email address. You password is your normal password.

You can continue to use the web-based email.

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How do I access my Big J ISP email account on a Mac?

Complete instructions here!

You can continue to use the web-based email.

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How tightly can I adjust the gibbs on my CNC job before submitting it to big j ?

This is probably the most frequently asked question we get from our high-end fabrication customers. The short answer is that you can always use 001"/6" of gib as a rough rule of thumb. 

For more experienced users who require I.S.O. grade 68 gibs on the X3 and Y2 axis, the tapered gib adjustment should conform table #22 from page 1993 on the  McMaster Guide to Uniform Gibb Standards. Even small changes in the tapered gibb can cause unwanted chucking, so please double check your G-Code before calling Big J tech support!

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What is the maximum size for a net metered system under the SC 10 tariff?

While the SC 10 tariff explicitly states that the utility must enter into a net metering agreement with any residential customer with a PV system of 10Mw or less, as a matter of practice both Central Hudson and Mohawk Electric routinely sign agreements on systems that are 15Mw in size. If your system exceeds 15Mw, you are probably better off operating under the provisions of the SC14 tariff as a commercial energy supplier- although the demand charges are significantly higher under this tariff.



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